16 thoughts on “2015/08/31

    1. Actually, pretty much exactly this happened to me last week. Excepted the part with the TV. I could never afford a TV like that. ;) Most of these are based off my personal experiences. Not all of them though. Luckily :)


      1. By phone???? Seriously? That’s cold. Did you work from home?

        At least here you get called to a meeting room you’ve never been to, usually in the basement. We have an on-going joke about being called to the basement.

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        1. I worked in an office, but to be fair I was out of country. Happened suddenly and didn’t get any heads-up though. A former co-worker didn’t get the info basically until she tried walking into the already empty office. The “basement-treatment” sound pretty harsh too. A lot of time to think while on your way down in the elevator… :S

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