24 thoughts on “2015/07/13

    1. Haha, you’re right. It probably would have. Even if it was tied up with a string and left dangling in the doorway like a mistletoe. Ooh, I’m getting inspiration for a follow up. ;)

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      1. I took shoes from the closet, three pair, in boxes. I on my way to meet a friend for coffee. She was going to take the shoes with her for a donation at a shelter. I grabbed the shoes, my keys/wallet, said good-bye to my husband, got in the car and drove away. Half way through my coffee visit, I mentioned to my friend that I had shoes in the car…. after our visit, I drove home. Went upstairs and noticed the boxes never even made it from the dresser, where I’d set them down for some reason. The dresser is in the closet where I grabbed the shoes in the first place…. Did I mention that I went upstairs purposely to get the shoes?!!

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  1. Oops … should have been “In public at …”

    So funny because it is me. I tell my wife that like Winnie The Pooh I am “a bear of very little brain.”

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    1. Haha, in any case it seems to me that most households have at least one, very forgetful individual. :) I’m glad it made you chuckle. :) Come back every Monday for more.

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