19 thoughts on “Welcome to Deep Ruts

  1. Don’t worry, Funky Winkerbean will never have equal depression. And my strip too if you think about it hard enough… But it’s hard to get past fluffy bunnies.


      1. There should be more comics on WordPress. Although it is a bit unprofessional, it’s a much easier way to find good strips and connect with them.


        1. I agree. Also, I don’t think people tend to judge comics by whether the publishing method seems professional. WordPress is indeed an excellent way to reach out, share ideas and get inspired by others. :)

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        1. Joking about it being a pleasure or that my intro was right to the point? :) Don’t worry about it. This welcome post was basically made to test the page. :) To establish when new posts will happen and that it won’t always be lol-funny every time. :)

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          1. Good to know – feel free to delete those comments of mine – they sound rather stupid at this point. O_o


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